F I D E L I S   I . T .

Server & network Setup

Why do you need our server and network installation services?

Moving office? Upgrading your business networks or planning a new network infrastructure? Then, unless you’re a network professional you’ll need help to ensure that your new systems are installed pain free and that they deliver for your business.

Key service features

We provide  full network and server installation service including:

  • IT Consultancy
  • Network design
  • Planning, implementation and Installation
  • Network upgrades and extensions
  • Wireless networking configuration
  • Performance monitoring and control
  • Disposal management
  • Remote access control and management
  • Data and IP protection
  • Virtualization technologies

Extra support when you need it
  • Fully project managed design and installation
  • Ongoing support contracts are available

Service Benefits

  • A single point of contact for you – no confusion
  • All services and support carried out by us – guaranteed quality
  • Transparency and visibility of the project plan – we’ll do what we say we will when we say we will