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FIDELIS I.T. is a full-service IT and Web site development company that approaches Web site design and development in a comprehensive and all-encompassing manner. From the implementation of your branding and marketing goals to custom Web applications, We can provide you with a Web site that successfully represents your company or organization. Our goal is to provide you with the Web site that you’ve always wanted.

FIDELIS I.T. Content Management

There is no question. Fresh and up-to-date content is vital to the success of your Web site. FIDELIS I.T. Content-management puts the ability of adding or editing pages, news articles, calendar events, photos, photo albums, PDF files, and even your own Web-fillable forms in real-time. We know that everyone in an office environment wears multiple hats, so we have created a content-management system that is intentionally simple on the administrative user’s end, yet very sophisticated behind the scenes. To top it off, all of this functionality is running behind a 100% custom Web site that is designed upon your branding, identity, goals, and target markets.

Web Site Branding, Video and Photography

Your Web site can be your best marketing and advertising tool. We design and develop Web sites that give the online visitor a sense of trust and familiarity with who you are and what services you provide. In addition to basic introductions, We proactively push the services and marketing goals that you want your audience to know about. We can manage all your photography and video needs.

E-mail Communication

Getting visitors to read news and announcements on your Web site is great, but to send information directly to them is even better! Our Content-management is combined with an E-mail system, which allows you to manage multiple mailing lists and send mass E-mails out to selected mailing lists.

Mobile Web Site

A recent report shows that 10% of all Web traffic is from mobile devices. As this number increases, convenience your clients and potential clients with a site that loads quickly, has large, finger-friendly buttons, and no pinching or zooming required.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You may be getting great search engine ranking when searching for your exact name, but how are you faring when searching for “your services” and “your geographic area?” When designing and developing Web sites, we build a strong foundation by implementing programming methods to boost your SEO rankings.

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