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Virus Removal

Our Service

We specialize in remote, in-office, and on-site virus, malware, adware. spyware, and PUP (potentially unwanted program) removal. We stay up-to-date with the latest threats, and have the experience to ensure your system is clean and protected.
  • We efficiently and completely clean a system, doing our best to ensure operating system reinstall is a last resort.
  • If your system is not properly protected with the latest anti-virus and anti-malware software, we will install the software we recommend at the time. We are constantly researching and testing the latest anti-virus and anti-malware software, ensuring the greatest protection against threats.
  • We educate clients on proper virus and malware infection prevention.

Myths and Truths About Computer Viruses and Malware.

New threats are being engineered and implemented daily. Due to the sophistication of modern anti-malware utilities and firewalls, infection by social engineering is much more common. Keeping yourself informed will help keep you protected.
  • Some of the most common sources of viruses and malware are "drive-by downloads" from injected advertisements. These advertisements can appear on popular websites, even social media sites like Facebook. In most cases, an ad blocker extension installed to your browser will stop these ads from loading.
  • These advertisements can sometimes appear as a fake viral infection warning, prompting you to download software or call a number for removal. Do not call these numbers, as they are scams with malicious or criminal intent. In these cases, infection usually happens after a scammer is allowed remote access to your system.
  • Keep regular backups of important files, in case of ransomware infection. Ransomware encrypts documents, pictures, etc. and demands payment through a third-party service in order to release the files.
  • There is no complete protection against viruses and malware, just like there is no complete protection against biological viruses and diseases. Anti-virus and anti-malware work similar to a biological vaccine. The most common strains are included in the vaccine, but new mutations occur often. This is the same in computer viruses, as new viruses and new variations of older viruses are being released daily.
  • In many cases, realtime protection from anti-virus and anti-malware software will not completely disinfect a system. They are a form of front-line defense, but most modern viruses and malware require deeper disinfection, and even system file repair.
        We recommend ESET
        How ESET Compares to the Others
  • Fast, accurate detection
  • Ultra-low system impact
  • Multilayered protection
  • Easy deployment and one-click management
  • U.S.-based technical support